Hip-hoppers hope to GOTV

CHICAGO – On a rainy Thursday night, March 25, over 200 young Black adults came together in Chicago’s newest community center named in honor of the late Harold Washington.

Pinocchios nose and the lie factory

Opinion Many years ago, Italian children’s author Carlo Collodi wrote a story about a wooden marionette, Pinocchio. This story comes to mind when people lie repeatedly – like Pinocchio, we imagine their noses growing as the lies get bigger.

A heroic defense and a cruel system

Opinion The Southern California grocery strikers are true working-class heroes. Seventy thousand held fast to their strike over four and a half months, a remarkable achievement in the current “jobless recovery.”

An interview with Father Bourgeois: School of Americas wall of secrecy crumbles

“Hundreds of graduates from the School of the Americas have been involved in the massacre, torture, rape, and disappearance of many thousands of people throughout Latin America,” Father Roy Bourgeois, founder of SOA Watch, recently told the World in a telephone interview.

U.S. vetoes criticism of Yassins killing

A resolution at the United Nations condemning the Israeli government’s extrajudicial assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was defeated in the Security Council on March 25 as a result of a U.S. veto, prompting many Palestinians to charge that Washington was giving a green light to Israel’s policy of “targeted killings.”

Paul Robeson stamp celebrated nationwide

OAKLAND, Calif. – Merritt College, a community college with a long history of engagement in people’s struggles, was the site Feb. 18 for Oakland’s “unveiling” of the Black Heritage series stamp honoring civil rights and civil liberties hero Paul Robeson.

Veterans unveil Iraq War memorial wall

SACRAMENTO – In an emotional ceremony followed by the playing of taps, members of Veterans for Peace unveiled a graphic, oversized “Iraq War Memorial Wall” next to the Vietnam War Memorial at the California State Capitol on March 21.

Bushs 9/11, Iraq actions: Bogus and misleading

On the one-year anniversary of her husband’s death in Iraq, the widow of Army Specialist James Kiehl, 22, who was killed in the attack in which Pvt. Jessica Lynch was captured, accused President Bush of “lying to America.”