Cubans exercise grassroots democracy

Millions of Cubans elected delegates to their nation’s 169 municipal assemblies on April 17. The elections came at the end of a two-month long process in which the people themselves — in the words of National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcon — exercised their right to select, elect and be elected.

Canadians consider same-sex marriage bill

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The Liberal government’s long-delayed introduction of a bill to the Canadian Parliament to allow same-sex marriage has unleashed a firestorm of debate.

Palestinians protest Israeli jail conditions

April 17 was widely observed across the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as “Prisoners’ Day,” a day of solidarity with Palestinian prisoners who are languishing in Israeli jails. Thousands of people took to the streets to protest what the Palestinian Prisoner Club called “intolerable living conditions” inside Israeli prisons.

Rising Japanese militarism sparks Asian protests

Tensions between Japan and its East Asian neighbors have reached a boiling point, with demonstrations against rising Japanese militarism erupting in China, Korea, Vietnam and elsewhere within the past few weeks.

At University of CaliforniaSanta Cruz: Students send military recruiters packing

On April 5 nearly 300 University of California–Santa Cruz students and community allies shut down the annual Stevenson Event Center Career Fair, where recruiters from the Army, Navy and Marines had set up tables. The activists demanded that recruiters leave immediately and turn their tabling spots over to student counter-recruitment activists, which they eventually did.


Eyewitness report: Washington U students sit in for justice

ST. LOUIS — I am one of roughly a dozen students at Washington University who walked into the admissions office of our school April 4 carrying food, commitment, clothes, books, nerves and a passion for economic justice for the workers on our campus. We’ve been sitting in for 15 days and conducted a hunger strike for six of those days. We won’t be leaving until justice — in the form of a living wage for campus workers — is achieved.

National Clips

BILLINGS, Mont.: Legislature condemns Patriot Act; SPRINGFIELD, Ill.: Protest weakening of lead standards; THREE RIVERS, Texas: Hometown honors hero; BIRMINGHAM, Ala.: Deaths blamed on privatized jails

Border bigots get cool reception

TUCSON, Ariz. — The Statue of Liberty made a quick trip to Tombstone, Ariz., on April 1, welcoming all new immigrants coming to America in search of jobs and freedom. She also came to have her say about the Minuteman Project, a group of armed civilians invading Arizona in the month of April who claim the U.S. government hasn’t done enough to “secure” the Mexican-U.S. border.

L.A. mayors race could make history

LOS ANGELES — With less than a month to go before the May 17 vote in the heated mayoral runoff here, there are strong signs that City Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa could become the city’s first Mexican American mayor since 1872.

U.S. seen as roadblock to ending nukes

NEW YORK — The Bush administration — not the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Iran, or any other “rogue state” — is most responsible for the threat of nuclear proliferation, say organizers of the March and Rally for Peace in Iraq and Nuclear Disarmament Worldwide set for May 1 at the United Nations.

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