Womens inequality makes capitalists rich

The fight for women’s equality is a momentous historical struggle whose victory is necessary to bring about the kind of world we desire. Even though many ills beset the world today, such as hunger, disease, religious conflict and national distrust, real headway in their resolution rests in women obtaining equality.

Not this time rape, race and class at Duke

The great unspoken now has public voice. Women rarely report sexual assault, rape. When the victim is African American, the silence is deafening. That is about to change.

EDITORIAL: Waving the flag

With the sea of American flags waving at the Washington Monument and in the streets of towns and cities across our country, immigrant rights marchers are reclaiming the flag as a symbol of liberty, democracy and humanity.


Today we march, tomorrow we vote 2 million immigrants & supporters stand up for equality & justice

NEW YORK — In the city that is home to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, 125,000 people, native- and foreign-born alike, turned out April 10 for a historic National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice. It was the city’s largest demonstration so far for immigrant rights.