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Rally seeks justice for victims of police torture

CHICAGO — “Justice delayed is justice denied,” shouted the crowd at a rally and picket line here April 24 in front of Special Prosecutor Edward Egan’s downtown office. Egan was appointed by an appellate judge in 2002 to investigate allegations that former Police Commander Jon Burge and others under his command tortured suspects to obtain confessions. But four years and $5 million later, according to some estimates, a report has yet to be issued.


MOVIE REVIEW: What were the Germans thinking?

Those of us alive today look at the artifacts and remembrances of Germany’s great war against humankind and wonder, “What were they thinking?”


Neo-noir movies thrive

Life is tough in the big city. It’s also tough in high school, as the case may be. Bogart, Mitchum and, more recently, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Josh Hartnett get slammed around a lot. They have to resist a lot of incredibly willing sex sirens, they have to figure out a lot of puzzles, and they have to kill a lot of people. Most of all, they have to maintain their sense of humor.


Neil Young releasing antiwar album

Neil Young has come full circle. In just three days, earlier this month, he and a 100-voice choir, backed by metal musicians and brass, recorded a protest album whose second track is “Let’s Impeach the President.”


ATL keeps it real

Whenever they hear of a movie by or involving any hip-hop artist most people would decide to keep their money. Not only have most rap industry films failed to go beyond the sex, money and drugs model, they have also not been good at it, i.e. any film with a rapper in it.


Needed: a sustainable, socialist USA

Last summer the Arctic suffered a record loss of ice sheets. Alarmed scientists issued some disturbing conclusions: global warming has reached the point of no return and is permanently altering the earth’s ecology. This may be debatable, but scientists agree on one thing. If trends continue — and they are proceeding more rapidly than first thought — the Earth will eventually become uninhabitable.



The king of circular reasoning

The problem for leaders who get away with lying and oversimplifying is that they think they will be able to always get away with it. Thus, when finally caught or caught-on-to, their first response is to escalate the behavior that no longer works.

EDITORIAL: Missed opportunities

Visiting the U.S. last week, China’s President Hu Jintao brought an agenda that, as he told a Washington, D.C., banquet in his honor, included working for stable and constructive long-term U.S.-China relations, expanding trade and economic cooperation, honoring the previously-agreed “one China” policy regarding Taiwan, strengthening communication on key international issues and treating each other as equals.

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