Texas teachers score gains

Texas House Democrats were backslapping and praising themselves for a job well done as public education gains were realized in the 80th Texas legislature this spring. They won pay raises, stopped the nation’s largest “merit-pay” scam in its tracks, and fatally wounded the “school voucher” scam in the Texas Legislature.

EDITORIAL: Lessons from Circuit City

Last week Circuit City announced layoffs of 3,400 “high paid” employees, saying it would replace them with lower-wage workers. It’s yet another example of the cruelty of a profit-driven, corporate-dominated system.


Laundry strike: Everybody goes out

A front-page photograph in the Oct. 26, 1936, edition of the Daily News captured the defiant, young face of Jessie Taft as she stood chained to the balcony of a New York City hotel.

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