SEIU kicks off three cities, one future campaign

INDIANAPOLIS — On a balmy Midwest afternoon, members of Service Employees International Union Local 3, along with Unite Here workers, community activists and religious leaders, rallied for workers’ rights here March 15.


Autoworkers not ready to make nice

DETROIT — As the United Auto Workers’ two-day special convention on bargaining came to a close, music filled the hall. It seemed to send a message to GM, Ford and Chrysler that that the union isn’t ready to roll over. The song was the Dixie Chicks’ hit “Not Ready to Make Nice.”



Things don’t go better with Coca-Cola Iraq a big issue for Builders Union New bill would restore rights to millions of workers Longshore workers to stop work in six ports on May Day


Venezuela: Gov’t redistributes agricultural land Philippines: Gov’t opponents repressed Egypt: Human rights crisis looms China: First in line for Iraq’s oil Belgium: Europeans say no to nuclear plants

UN rights council deliberates on Cuban 5

Cuba is determined to keep the case of the Cuban Five before the world. Its diplomats were in Geneva, Switzerland, from March 12-30 at the fourth session of the United Nation’s Human Rights Council.

Northern Ireland plan greeted as step forward

The dramatic March 26 announcement of a deal to share power by the leaders of Northern Ireland’s major Protestant and Catholic parties — historical archenemies Ian Paisley of the Democratic Unionist Party and Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein — has been widely greeted as a promising development.

Black, Latino drivers more likely to be stopped in Texas

While a new study released this month notes some improvements, African Americans and Latinos are still more likely than Anglos to be targets of traffic stops and searches in Texas.

Calif. Legislature puts health care on agenda

OAKLAND, Calif. — With Californians more likely to be uninsured than people in 45 other states, it’s no surprise that poll figures show 81 percent of voters think the government should guarantee that all residents can get affordable health coverage.

Gonzales headed out?

A timeline of the U.S. attorney scandal


Rove plan to am-Bush comprehensive immigration reform

The Bush administration attempted to move the immigration debate in Congress further to the right when top White House aide Karl Rove and Senate Republicans proposed new legislation March 29.

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