Send greetings to Pomeroys

We have received word that William and Celia Pomeroy, both in their 90s, are now in a nursing home in England where they receive 24-hour care.

PBS to add Latino history in World War II film

On April 11, after pressure from Latino leaders with the Defend the Honor Campaign, the Public Broadcasting System said it had reversed its original decision and plans to include the Latino experience in Ken Burns’ new World War II documentary, “The War.”


Miners unity wins contract

PITTSBURGH — At a time when strikes are measured in months, concessions are the beginning of negotiations, and it takes years for new union members to get the company to talk to them, coal miners at Foundation Coal Co. look like they will beat the odds.


Injustice doesn’t taste right In case you guys forgot, that’s illegal Chrysler buyout will trigger new concession push


Argentina: Killing of teacher sparks national protests Sudan: Pressure from China on peace efforts Nepal: Maoists take cabinet posts Afghanistan: Farmers turning to Taliban Britain: Communist Party sees threat to human life

Bolivian president faces rocky road

Bolivian President Evo Morales based his 2005 candidacy on two promises: first, his government would nationalize natural resources, crucially natural gas and oil, and second, he would return the government to the country’s indigenous majority through a constituent assembly and new constitution.

New York Citys 2007 Better World Awards

NEW YORK — Communist Party Labor Chair Scott Marshall will be the keynote speaker for the annual Better World Awards, sponsored by the New York Friends of the People’s Weekly World. Honorees for the May 6 event include NYC Councilman Robert Jackson and long-time labor and political activist Adolfo Faña


Nurse Malone sets a great example

“Sometimes,” said Sheila Malone, 60, a retired nurse living in Waterville, Maine, “we overlook the fact that there are all kinds of people out there who would like to do something, if there was a way for them to do it.”