El legado de Martn Luther King

Esta semana se cumple el 40 aniversario de la muerte de líder afronorteamericano por los derechos civiles, Martín Luther King. King fue asesinado en Memphis, Tenesí en abril 4, 1968. Él estaba en Memphis apoyando a los trabajadores de sanidad, en su totalidad afronorteamericanos.

CPUSA: Mobilize landslide defeat of McCain, GOP

NEW YORK — A landslide victory over GOP presidential nominee John McCain and Republican congressional candidates is essential to “realign the political balance of forces and set the stage to move in a new direction with a new agenda and with a new sense of hope.”

What does Cesar Chavez mean to you?

The Communist Party USA's internet content development team produced the following video talking to various leaders of the CPUSA about Cesar Chavez and his legacy as a labor leader, civil rights activist, and peace advocate.

Republicans muzzle victims of credit card firms

Four workers robbed by their credit card companies sat silently at recent Congressional hearings on the matter, afraid to share their horror stories with the people elected to represent them.

McCain to at-risk homeowners: Drop Dead!

WASHINGTON — Millions of homeowners facing foreclosure got a bucket of ice water in the face from Senator John McCain March 25.“The mess you are in is your own fault. Don’t expect any bailouts from me.” That was the GOP presidential nominee’s message, stripped of election-year rhetoric.

Take Back America speakers denounce anti-immigrant push

The annual Take Back America conference of progressive and liberal activists and organizations, which took place March 17-19 in Washington, D.C., included a number of speakers on immigration.

World Notes: Ties to China, Missing Cash, Workers' Struggles...

The Standard Bank of South Africa joined last month with China’s Industrial and Commercial Bank (ICBC) to create a $1 billion fund to develop mines, energy projects and metal manufacturing in Africa, China, and elsewhere. China’s largest overseas investment institution already owns 20 percent of Standard Bank.

Exhibit features African American artists

HOUSTON — The beauty and genius of Black artists was readily apparent in a new exhibit called the “Art Official Intelligence” at the University Museum at Texas Southern University, which opened last February and ended March 22.

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