Workers Correspondence: ARAMARK workers in Houston fight for justice

I attended the Cesar Chavez march in Houston on March 29. Leaders of many unions were there continuing the battles fought by that great union leader. About 200 people from a wide variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds participated.

They take care of their own

If anything ever smelled of cronyism and favoritism it was the recent decision by the Federal Reserve to set up a special bargain basement where cheap loans are now available to Wall Street kingpins largely responsible for screwing up our economy.

Honoring Ruben Salazar

Salazar was a Los Angeles Times reporter who covered the Vietnam War and then became news director for the Spanish-language television station KMEX in January 1970.

U.S., Korean workers: free trade pact would spur race to bottom

Despite strong resistance from labor and civic organizations in both the United States and South Korea, President Bush and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak vowed to push through the stalled Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA).

Executions to resume after Supreme Court ruling; Stevens statement raises hopes

A semi-formal moratorium on executions by lethal injection will probably end due to last week’s decision by the US Supreme Court. On April 17, the Court voted 7 to 2 to deny a petition by two men on Kentucky’s death row to stop their execution by lethal injection.

Labor moves to stop Bush from gutting family leave

If unions and the workers they represent prevail the Bush Administration won’t get away with a last minute, back door move to make it harder to take family or medical leave.

World Notes: Food shortages, Lat. Am. Multilateral Security...

Six months of strikes by Egyptian textile workers and others culminated in demonstrations April 6 against rising prices and food shortages in the delta textile city Al-Mahalla. The UN’s IRIN news agency said police arrested over 500.

Why young people should get involved with unions

Scanning the room at my first teachers union event, I could see that I was one of the youngest teachers in attendance. It got me thinking about my generation and possible explanations for its lack of representation.

For Hispanic community, Earth Day is time to rethink biofuels

Many politicians, policymakers and cable news commentators focus solely on immigration when discussing Latino matters, overlooking the tremendous breadth of issues that concern Hispanic Americans.


CARTOON: Bitter?

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