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Latino, Asian and Palestinian film fests hit Chicago

CHICAGO — Approaching a quarter century, the 24th Chicago Latino Film Festival, sponsored by the International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago (ILCCC), is the country’s oldest and largest. The festival premieres 126 films — 50 fictional features, 29 documentary features, 41 shorts and six award-winning high school student-made films. From April 4-16, 50 directors are answering questions and participating in discussions. The films are screening primarily at the Landmark (on Clark and Diversey) and Piper’s Alley (on North and Wells).


Rekindling socialism with Eugene V. Debs

Eugene Victor Debs (1855-1926), one of America’s most famous socialists, was an important political figure on the American political landscape in the early 20th century. He ran as the Socialist Party’s (SP) presidential candidate five times and obtained nearly a million votes in 1912 and 1920.

Story of a plant that closed

Manufacturing isn’t dead; it’s changing. Small and large shops open and close for more reasons than just market forces. Large conglomerates make decisions based on beliefs and bias I can’t fathom. A small shop where the owner works next to you can pay a fair wage and give a worker a feeling of self-worth. But in a large company, which is only part of a larger group, which is part of a conglomerate bloc, which is in part supported by the European Union, well, you feel overwhelmed with insignificance. But my fellow workers at Winchester’s needed and cared for each other. That made walking into the factory more than bearable.

Its the war economy, stupid!

It’s almost April 15. Do you know where your taxes are?

French elections: Opposition grows to right wing

PARIS — For all those opposing the destructive policies of President Nicolas Sarkozy and his extreme right government, the main result of the mid-March local elections in France is the growing voter confidence in the French Communist Party (PCF), which received 8.82 percent of the vote. This shows the party is still significant, at least for 1,150,000 citizens, as compared to the 770,000 votes cast for its presidential candidate, Marie-Georges Buffet, in 2007.

Zimbabwe awaits final election outcome

COMMENTARY After waiting more than a week for official results of the March 29 presidential elections, Zimbabweans still do not know whether Robert Mugabe, the only leader most have ever known, will step aside or face his main challenger in a runoff.


Unions challenge Bush no-match plan

The United Food and Commercial Workers has stepped up its fight against Bush administration use of “no-match” Social Security letters against workers whose on-the-job identification doesn’t match what’s in government files. The government uses the program to pressure companies to fire employees and to force workers to prove “legal” status or face deportation.


Causes Dr. King fought for are very much with us

WASHINGTON (PAI) — The causes the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for, including racial justice, economic equality and ending a misguided war “are very much with us today,” says a labor historian and author of a new book putting the civil rights leader’s last days into a longer and wider perspective.

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