Afghan war vet tells Congress rethink sending troops there

WASHINGTON -- Afghan war veteran and retired Marine Corporal Rick Reyes testified before U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on his opposition on the war in Afghanistan. Reyes served as part of the first deployment to Afghanistan after the September 11, 2001 U.S. terrorist attacks. Born of humble beginnings, Reyes joined the Marines soon after finishing high school to proudly serve his country.

Image-stories told of Spanish Civil War refugees

The United Nations has described the twentieth century as the century of the refugee. Wars, revolutions, decolonization and economic globalization have uprooted and displaced millions of people worldwide.

End the Cuban embargo, congressman says

CHICAGO – Nearly 100 people gathered at the Adalberto United Methodist Church April 14, on the city’s north side, to hear Congressman Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill.) debrief on his recent trip to Cuba. Leaders from Chicago’s Latino community, area churches, health care agencies, business, civic, legal and community organizations including Cuban Americans attended the report back.


India's polls and South Asian peace

'Just as the winds of change have swept across the United States, I have no doubt that India too will witness change when the next parliamentary elections take place in a few months.'

Charting the path to a nuke-free world

Just days after Barack Obama pledged, during his first international trip as president, that the U.S. will “seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons,” six U.S. environmental and nuclear policy organizations issued far-reaching and detailed recommendations to carry out that promise.

Letter from a soldiers mother: The war is not over

I was standing in line at the bank when I heard a customer ask the teller if her son was home from Iraq. The teller responded that he was not home in her house, but he was back and stationed in Texas. The customer said she was glad to hear that. I thought to myself: But the war is not over, my son is on his way to replace someone else’s son, and how I wish I was that bank teller.

Ive Always Paid My Taxes

Lyrics by Santa Cruz WILPF Raging Grannies; adapted by Sunny Armer of the NYC Metro RGs Tune: The Yellow Rose of Texas