Stella D'Oro strike continues, support grows

BRONX, N.Y. -- Over a hundred members of the NY State United Teachers and the PSC (Professional and Staff Congress -- CUNY) joined Stella D'Oro bakery workers on their picket line in the northwest Bronx here on April 27.

Heartbeat of America on life-support: How did we get here, and now what?

DETROIT — In 1970, the United Auto Workers had 395,000 hourly workers at General Motors plants, but two years from now that number will have plummeted to 38,000. How did we get to this point?

May Day march planned to support immigrant and worker rights

MINNEAPOLIS - The Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Coalition and the May 1st Coalition will host the annual March for Immigrant and Workers' Rights on Friday, May 1, in Minneapolis.

Faith community delivers strong message for Employee Free Choice

Across a wide variety of denominations and faith, dozens of religious groups have come out in support of the Employee Free Choice Act, united in their belief that the Employee Free Choice Act is a critical reform to rebuild a fair economy and restore to all workers the dignity and freedom they deserve.


Auto union to take control of Chrysler

US union members are about to take over the massive Chrysler car firm in what would be a stunning blow for rich investors on Wall Street, it was revealed on Tuesday.

Labor reacts to Specters switch to the Democratic Party

The AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest labor federation, reacted quickly to the announcement by Pennsylvania’s Republican Senator Arlen Specter that he is switching to the Democratic Party.

Workers and immigrants will march on May Day

Yes, workers and immigrants will march again throughout the United States on May Day, May 1.

Some warn of anti-teacher agenda on school inequities report

A new report says wide educational achievement gaps hurt our economy and need national attention. But some wonder if the report is being used to advance an anti-teacher-union agenda.


Occupational safety and health in times of economic crisis: the need to resist temptation

With credit barely flowing and global demand on a downward slide, enterprises around the world are struggling to cope with the global economic crisis. Meanwhile, the numbers of unemployed and working poor are rising. How is the crisis affecting working conditions?

GM to make deep cuts, Chrysler and UAW cut deal

General Motors announced, April 27, plans to shut down plants, lay off workers, cut the number of its dealerships in half and eliminate its Pontiac division to meet government insistence that it fundamentally “restructure.”

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