Busloads of Texas CWA members head to Dallas for AT&T meet

Hundreds of CWA members from all over District 6, and some from even further away, are making the trek to Dallas by bus and van, to arrive Friday May 1st, for AT&T's annual shareholder meeting. Members will leaflet outside the meeting, calling attention to the company's demand for huge health care cost shifting and other proposals that will cut workers' standard of living, despite the company's $12.9 billion profit in 2008.

Congress to hold safety hearings on Workers Memorial Day

WASHINGTON - (PAI) Just over two years ago, in one of the most horrific individual industrial accidents in recent memory, Eleazar Torres Gomez was sucked into a 300-degree industrial dryer at a Cintas laundry plant in Tulsa, Okla., and died.

Workers skimp on health care while greedy millionaires fight real reform

Here’s the latest example of how far corporations will go to stop real health care reform. Rick Scott, a multimillionaire, is putting $5 million of his own fortune into an ad campaign against President Obama’s health care plan. But what Scott doesn’t say in his ads is that he ran a company that had to pay the largest fine in history for Medicare fraud.

Union activist appointed to Labor Department

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama has appointed a key union activist as senior adviser to Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, another sign of the influence that organized labor wields in the Obama administration.

Labor, allies resolve to line up 60 pro-EFCA votes in the Senate

A crowd of workers, labor leaders and community activists launched the most determined lobbying effort yet for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act at an April 22 Washington press conference.


Home child care providers are paid so little, theyre losing homes, cars

LANSING, Mich. — They are 40,000 strong and they feed, clean, and teach Michigan’s young, in their most formative pre-school years. And for doing such an important job, what do they earn? “In Wayne County, we earn $1.66 an hour for each child,” said Daisy Jackson, an American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees organizer from Detroit.

May Day, a great time to discuss labor unity

May Day is a great time to think about labor unity.

Coops and the global financial crisis

Cooperatives have been more resilient to the deepening global economic and jobs crisis than other sectors. ILO Online spoke with Hagen Henry, chief of the ILO’s Cooperatives Branch.

AT&T announces $3.2 billion profit, continues stalling in contract talks

CHICAGO - While announcing a $3.2 billion quarterly profit April 22, AT&T officials remained silent about their intransigence in ongoing contract negotiations with the Communications Workers of America union that involve 100,000 workers in the company’s wireline unit. They have been working without a contract since April 4.

Illinois workers fight racist, anti-union harassment

Workers at Commercial Forged Products (CFP) have had enough. After signing a new contract last year, 60 members of USWA Local 2154 have endured a constant stream of attacks and African American and Latino workers have been targets of racist harassment. They are mounting a fight back for workplace dignity and equality.

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