Teacher union organizes three charter schools, an area-wide first

CHICAGO -- In a historic step, an overwhelming majority of teachers at three area charter school campuses, joined by parents and community leaders, filed authorization cards April 3 with the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board to form a union. The teachers seek immediate recognition of their collective bargaining unit and a commitment by school officials to promptly bargain and settle a contract.

Communities rally for worker rights bill

CLEVELAND — As part of a growing grassroots movement, over 100 community and labor activists rallied for the Employee Free Choice Act in Cleveland Public Square March 30.

Auto workers left with no bailout

President Barack Obama said March 30 that the government will withhold additional long-term federal loans for General Motors and Chrysler unless the company, its creditors and the unions make more concessions. He also raised the possibility of “controlled bankruptcy” for one or both of the two companies.

Feds charge Republic violated labor law

CHICAGO – On Monday the United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers (UE) here announced the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is charging the owners of Republic Windows and Doors with violating federal labor law.

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