The fight for employee free choice: Alive and well!

“I am here to assure everyone that rumors about the impending death of the Employee Free Choice Act are decidedly premature.” The statement was made by Arlene Holt-Baker, executive vice president of the AFL-CIO, last week, at a gathering of the nation’s civil rights leaders in Washington D.C. The civil rights leaders assembled by the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights added their voices to a growing national chorus of support for the Employee Free Choice Act.

Jerry Springer: Cutting workers loose is unethical, immoral

Jerry Springer is fighting for employees to be able to move from Chicago to Connecticut with his show. Springer is taking on his bosses on behalf of his staff.

Of long fuses and seven league boots: US labor today

I don’t know if Steven Greenhouse, of the New York Times, writes his own headlines. Doubt it.