Taking the boss hostage and other workers stories

When negotiations broke down in France over proposed cuts at a Caterpillar plant in Grenoble, the workers reacted by using what has now become a frequent tactic in that country : They took their bosses hostage.


Workers call for hotel boycotts

SAN FRANCISCO -- Their spirited chants could be heard blocks away as workers at the HEI Meridien hotel picketed their workplace April 1, urging a boycott of the facility until the hotel’s management recognizes their right to a union based on majority sign-up.

Union membership good for Latino community

To get a stake in America’s economy and a better life for themselves and their families, Latinos need the freedom to form unions and bargain—which means they need the Employee Free Choice Act.

Communities rally for worker rights bill

CLEVELAND — As part of a growing grassroots movement, over 100 community and labor activists rallied for the Employee Free Choice Act in Cleveland Public Square March 30.

Decline in support for employee free choice a figment of Big Bizs imagination

Joe the Plumber outed on EFCA Opponents of the Employee Free Choice Act are attempting to fool both elected officials and the media into thinking that there’s a grassroots movement against the bill. Fearful of the continually growing movement for labor law reform, they have even floated the idea that there might be a “third way” to achieve that goal.

Obama honors César Chavezs birthday

What a difference a year makes. While the Bush White House tried to thwart workers’ rights and all that the late César Chávez fought for, Barack Obama adopted Chávez’s rallying cry as his campaign theme.

Chicago rallies for Employee Free Choice

CHICAGO – Imagine the day when working people’s right to decide to join a union is guaranteed and protected by law. That day will come, many argue, when the Employee Free Choice Act is finally signed into law.

Car talk: whats wrong, whos to blame?

The president’s declaration that the auto companies’ problems are “not the fault of the workers” is correct.

Auto workers left with no bailout

President Barack Obama said March 30 that the government will withhold additional long-term federal loans for General Motors and Chrysler unless the company, its creditors and the unions make more concessions. He also raised the possibility of “controlled bankruptcy” for one or both of the two companies.

Feds charge Republic violated labor law

CHICAGO – On Monday the United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers (UE) here announced the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is charging the owners of Republic Windows and Doors with violating federal labor law.

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