Workers and immigrants will march on May Day

Yes, workers and immigrants will march again throughout the United States on May Day, May 1.


Occupational safety and health in times of economic crisis: the need to resist temptation

With credit barely flowing and global demand on a downward slide, enterprises around the world are struggling to cope with the global economic crisis. Meanwhile, the numbers of unemployed and working poor are rising. How is the crisis affecting working conditions?

Coops and the global financial crisis

Cooperatives have been more resilient to the deepening global economic and jobs crisis than other sectors. ILO Online spoke with Hagen Henry, chief of the ILO’s Cooperatives Branch.

On eve of Obama visit, Mexicos miners battle for rights

On the eve of President Obama’s visit to Mexico, a possible major confrontation is brewing between the Mexican Mine and Metal Workers Union and the conservative, pro-business government of President Felipe Calderon.

A first for N. America: A union contract at Wal-Mart

Canadian workers at the Wal-Mart store in Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec became the only Wal-Mart employees in North America to be covered by a union contract when an arbitrator April 8 ruled in their favor more than four years after they voted to certify the United Food and Commercial Workers as their union.

Union crew avoids pirate takeover, but ships captain held hostage

A U.S.-flagged and crewed merchant ship carrying food relief supplies to Kenya was boarded by Somali pirates earlier today some 350 miles off the African coast. According to the latest news reports, the crew has regained control of the ship, the Maersk Alabama, and the pirates have left but they are holding the captain hostage.