Of long fuses and seven league boots: US labor today

I don’t know if Steven Greenhouse, of the New York Times, writes his own headlines. Doubt it.

Pittsburgh janitors, science center battle over unionization

If the story of the janitors and groundskeepers at the Carnegie Science Center weren't true, it would seem as if the advocates of the Employee Free Choice Act were making it up.

Union leaders announce new progress in push to unite labor movement

The AFL-CIO, Change to Win and the National Education Association announced April 7 the creation of the National Labor Coordinating Committee to hammer out a final agreement among their affiliated unions to unite the entire American labor movement.

CWA forms 'statewide picket line' to protest furloughs in New Jersey

Members of the Communications Workers of America formed a “statewide picket line” on Tuesday to protest a proposal by New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine for state workers to accept 12 unpaid furlough days and forgo pay increases.

Battle Congress cant escape: Fight for employee free choice follows lawmakers home

Legislators hoping to get relief from the pressure during the next two weeks as they go home for their April recess might as well forget it, at least as far as the workers who want employee free choice are concerned.

Student week of action promotes Employee Free Choice nationwide

This past week, students across the country mobilized to pass the Employee Free Choice Act in the Student Labor Action Project’s annual Student Labor Week of Action.

'West Wing' stars lobby for Employee Free Choice Act

WASHINGTON -- (PAI) In their long run on the nation’s television screens, Martin Sheen, Brad Whitford and Richard Schiff were always in the “West Wing,” but never on Capitol Hill -- until now. But on March 31, the stars of the long-running, critically acclaimed TV series about the White House and its denizens led a cavalcade of workers up to Congress to unveil new ads for the Employee Free Choice Act and to urge senators to pass it.

Teacher union organizes three charter schools, an area-wide first

CHICAGO -- In a historic step, an overwhelming majority of teachers at three area charter school campuses, joined by parents and community leaders, filed authorization cards April 3 with the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board to form a union. The teachers seek immediate recognition of their collective bargaining unit and a commitment by school officials to promptly bargain and settle a contract.

Picketers tell Bank of America, We want free choice

CHICAGO -- Labor activists and Logan Square residents picketed the local branch of Bank of America, April 4, to draw attention to the bank's brazen campaign to defeat the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).


AT&T workers warn about possible strike

OAKLAND, Calif. -- With most of their contracts expiring at midnight April 4, AT&T landline workers have been holding informational pickets around the country to emphasize they are serious about the strike authorization they passed by an 88 percent majority late last month.

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