UN recognizes April 22 as Mother Earth Day

NEW YORK - The United Nations moved to make Earth Day a global holiday Wednesday. The UN General Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution by Bolivian President Evo Morales to designate April 22 as “Mother Earth Day.” Attending the observances at the UN headquarters, Morales addressed the 192-nation body, saying the earth has a “right to live.”

WORLDNOTES - Venezuela, Greece, Japan, Iraq and Cuba

Venezuela: ALBA poses alternatives Greece: Labor faces repression Japan: Parliament OKs base treaty Iraq: Foreign firms deal for oil Cuba: Prisoner exchange to free the Five

What Bolivian democracy looks like

Noam Chomsky recently praised Bolivia as “probably the most democratic country in the world.” (Democracy Now, April 13.) “Huge, popular, mass organizations of the most repressed population in the hemisphere [have] entered the political arena [and] were able to elect a president from their own ranks.”

Communist parties of China and Japan have theoretical exchange

A theoretical exchange meeting between Fuwa Tetsuzo, director of the Japanese Communist Party’s Social Sciences Institute and member of the JCP Standing Executive Committee, and the Communist Party of China began on April 20 in Beijing.

Sudan violence revives: UN

United Nations, Apr 22 (Prensa Latina) The UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) said on Wednesday it was worried about the renewed tribal violence in the Sudanese southern region, especially in Yonglei state, where deaths and wounded were reported over the weekend.

Cuba-US: Talking about talks

HAVANA, Apr 22 (IPS) - Bolstered by international support for its demand for an end to the embargo, Cuba could sit down with the United States to talk about a number of matters of mutual interest while it awaits the lifting of the web of restrictions that have weighed on its economy for nearly half a century.

Union claims to thwart Walmarts stealth lay-off plans

Trade union officials claim to have thwarted plans by retail giant Walmart to reassign or lay-off over a thousand middle managers at its more than 120 supercenters and other outlets in China, Xinhua reported on 21 April.

Workers in France rage over closure

Bosses shut a car parts factory in northern France on Wednesday after employees, outraged over mass job losses, ransacked offices and destroyed equipment. On Tuesday, a French court rejected a motion brought by employees of the factory, owned by Germany's Continental AG, to block the plant's planned 2010 closure.

Stop the bias at Israel Railways

The discussion about the dismissal of some 40 Israel Railways employees, held on Sunday in the regional labor court, shed some more light on an affair motivated by clear and overt discrimination for covert reasons. The affair began when the dismissed workers - who were employed at Israel Railways through the Hashmira human resources agency - demanded that they be reinstated to their jobs as lookouts at level crossings.

A different kind of summit

As the 5th Summit of the Americas met in Trinidad and Tobago under the auspices of the Organization of American States, Latin American leaders ran the show and the prime hemispheric power, represented by President Barack Obama, listened. By contrast, capitalist globalization got top billing at the 2001 summit in Quebec City, and five years ago in Argentina, Washington pushed the Free Trade of the Americas Act.

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