GM maize finds its way to Cuba's fields

HAVANA, Apr 11 (Tierramérica) - With little fanfare, genetically modified maize produced by Cuba's genetic and biotechnology engineering centre, CIGB, is being grown on test plots as part of a new project involving five of the Caribbean island nation's provinces.

Morales on hunger strike over election delays

Bolivian President Evo Morales has announced he is going on hunger strike to put pressure on Congress to set a firm date for general elections that are likely to return him to power.


U.S. lawmakers visit Cuba, fan winds of change

Momentum is building toward breaking down U.S.-imposed barriers against trade and travel with Cuba. The five-day visit to Cuba in early April of seven members of the Congressional Black Caucus provided a push.

Obama team debates stance on Israeli attack threat

WASHINGTON, (IPS) - A recent statement by the chief of the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), Gen. David Petraeus, that Israel may decide to attack Iranian nuclear sites has been followed by indications of a debate within the Barack Obama administration on whether Israel's repeated threats to carry out such a strike should be used to gain leverage in future negotiations with Tehran.

Conflict threatens Ecuadors socialist government

Prevailing opinion places Ecuador in company with Venezuela and Bolivia as exemplars of “socialism of the 21st century.” The three countries rely upon sub-soil natural resource extraction to fund social programs. Falling oil and natural gas prices have forced their governments to improvise.

Future of classical music has a Venezuelan beat

CHICAGO — The internationally acclaimed Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela traveled to three cities in the United States this month, Washington, Chicago and Houston. And with this breath of fresh air from the South comes a new opportunity for the United States to get serious about music education.

Iraq seeking broader ties with Russia

BAGHDAD — Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said Friday that Baghdad is interested in Russian companies’ investments in Iraq and in expanding their presence in the country.


Thousands in Baghdad celebrate Iraqi Communists' 75th anniversary

BAGHDAD — Thousands of Iraqi Communist Party members and supporters celebrated the party’s 75th anniversary at a mass rally in People's Stadium in central Baghdad last Friday. The main sports hall was packed with jubilant people waving red flags, chanting and singing.


Belfast backs Visteon workers' occupation

Hundreds of people rallied in Belfast on Wednesday in support of the ongoing sit-in by laid-off Visteon workers. Unite Northern Ireland spokesman Bob Miller said that some 400 people from trade unions, families of the laid-off workers, politicians and ordinary people rallied inside the occupied Visteon car-parts factory in Finaghy, west Belfast.

Cuba: 'Its time to talk' say US lawmakers

HAVANA, Apr 7 (IPS) - Seven Democratic congresspersons from the U.S. concluded that it is possible to talk about any issue with Cuba and that 'it is time' to do so, at the end of a five-day visit during which they met with both Raúl and Fidel Castro.

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