EPA links greenhouse gases to public health menace

After eight years of denial by the Bush administration and top congressional Republicans, the US government has finally decided that greenhouse gases, which cause global warming, create air pollution that endangers public health.

Government report points to rise in hate groups

Hate groups and right wing extremists are using Americans' concern about undocumented immigration, the current economic downtown, and the election of the first African-American president to gain new recruits, according to a new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report leaked last week.

ColorofChange urges all to see American Violet

ColorofChange.org, a web-based group dedicated to strengthening Black America’s political voice, launched a grassroots, e-mail campaign promoting American Violet. “Too often, police drug raids in low-income communities across the county sweep up innocent people. Once in the system, it can become nearly impossible for these folks to prove their innocence.

Drama & diversity -- back to basics

CHICAGO -- With four Cuban films and a live appearance by the island’s eminent actor, Jorge Perugorria, a documentary about Chicago-based labor organizer, immigrant rights and political activist, Rudy Lozano, Nicaragua’s Ernesto Cardinal presenting a documentary about his life’s work, 65 features, 45 short films and 50 directors and actors for questions and answers, the Chicago Latino Film Festival, sponsored by the International Latino Cultural Center, is packing a punch worthy of its 25th year.

Quiet heroine outsmarts legal gang

A young waitress devotes herself to raising her four daughters and has hopes, some day, of being able to enroll in junior college. But she lives in a small Texas town that is ruled by its powerful white legal establishment. Raids against African American people are common, and nearly all of the accused take plea-bargained guilty verdicts because the cards are stacked against them.


Torture handbook ignites firestorm

The recent release of Justice Department memos on torture indicate that the country is still in the grasp of the chillingly long nightmare created by George Bush, Dick Cheney and their administration.

Controversial measures go to Calif. voters

The other shoe is about to drop in California’s protracted and agonizing budget struggle, as voting by mail begins on six controversial measures launched during the endgame of 2009-2010 budget negotiations last February.

On Earth Day, AFL-CIO launches green initiative

To celebrate Earth Day, the AFL-CIO, together with the leadership of its new Center for Green Jobs, announced a plan to reduce energy consumption, cut down waste and reduce the carbon footprint of its national headquarters. With green jobs emerging as a top public policy priority, the AFL-CIO is pushing to ensure that the new green jobs created are also good jobs that provide a decent wage and benefits.

Workers hold 'lying' bosses over plans to outsource factory jobs

Workers at a French subsidiary of US firm Molex have detained two bosses in protest at plans to close the plant in south-east France.

Reports of deepening bank crisis stir more calls for nationalization

WASHINGTON — Two reports warning of the enormous cost to taxpayers of insolvent banks were released this week. They fueled stronger calls for bank nationalization as the only solution to the paralysis in the nation’s financial system.

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