OPINION: Cuba and Venezuela are not enemies

The Obama administration did the right thing when it ordered the closing of the Guantanamo torture prison, and restored the right of Cuban Americans to travel and send remittances to their relatives on the island nation.


Health care reform rally: Yes we can!

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS – Repeatedly chanting “Yes, We Can,” some 600 labor, retiree and community activists loudly voiced determination to win health care reform this year at a rally April 17 sponsored by Health Care for America NOW (HCAN).


1 million kids may have lead poisoning: what you can do

Three hundred thousand children in the United States are documented as having lead poisoning. Due to poor reporting practices and failure of the health care system to test all children between 1 and 5 years of age, there may be as many as 1 million children with lead poisoning in the U.S. It is an expensive and preventable public health problem.

Truth commission needed

Four secret Bush-era Justice Department memos and a 2008 Senate report, now made public, lay out in shocking detail the reckless lawlessness at the highest levels of the administration of President George W. Bush.

EPA links greenhouse gases to public health menace

After eight years of denial by the Bush administration and top congressional Republicans, the US government has finally decided that greenhouse gases, which cause global warming, create air pollution that endangers public health.

Quiet heroine outsmarts legal gang

A young waitress devotes herself to raising her four daughters and has hopes, some day, of being able to enroll in junior college. But she lives in a small Texas town that is ruled by its powerful white legal establishment. Raids against African American people are common, and nearly all of the accused take plea-bargained guilty verdicts because the cards are stacked against them.


Torture handbook ignites firestorm

The recent release of Justice Department memos on torture indicate that the country is still in the grasp of the chillingly long nightmare created by George Bush, Dick Cheney and their administration.

Reports of deepening bank crisis stir more calls for nationalization

WASHINGTON — Two reports warning of the enormous cost to taxpayers of insolvent banks were released this week. They fueled stronger calls for bank nationalization as the only solution to the paralysis in the nation’s financial system.

ICE locked up citizen, threw away key unions say enough is enough!

U.S. citizens like Hector Veloz, a 37-year-old Los Angeles resident, are among tens of thousands languishing in immigration detention facilities without having received a hearing to determine whether their detention is warranted.

Racial gap is widening, equality advocates warn

Racial inequality is widening in the current economic crisis, leaders of social justice groups warned in a national phone forum this week.

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