Art exhibit illustrates horrors of Iraq occupation

HOUSTON - Upon entering The Station Museum of Contemporary Art on the edge of the city’s downtown to view the exhibition “Iraqi Artists in Exile,” I was hit with the questions “How do we justify the destruction of a country and her people? What do we say?” This wonderful museum is renowned for its thought provoking exhibitions. This phenomenal exhibition has not been placed at any other museum in the United States due to its controversial nature. The exhibition evokes feelings of what oppressed people around the world are experiencing.

Bandana Project protests sexual violence against women farmworkers

CHICAGO — Farmworker and women’s rights groups came together here April 8, to protest sexual violence against farmworker women and other low-wage female immigrant workers in the U.S.

Give Americans a real health care choice, say advocates

'Don't cut the heart out of President Obama's health care reform plan' is the message many people will be delivering to their members of Congress this week as part of a national effort to push for meaningful health care reform.


Shoe-repairman, veteran, bobbin boy, Communist: 93 years with a twinkle in his eye

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — John Hovan has been reading this newspaper, and its predecessors going back to the Daily Worker, since the early 1930s — in the depths of the Great Depression. It’s been a key to his lifetime of activism for the working class.