Editorial: Good bank is good business

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has to figure out how to revive a financial system that is on life support, dying from self-inflicted wounds. The problem is, the patient isn’t responding to the current treatment, so more of the same is not a solution.

Senate hearing urges job creation

WASHINGTON—Leading economists told the Senate, Mar. 30, that more, not less federal funds are needed to create millions more jobs to pull the nation out of the deepest recession since the Great Depression. They warned that a timid, limited federal response or terminating these federal job-creating programs too early could plunge the nation into an even deeper and more prolonged crisis.

The Obama budget and the environment: How cap-and-trade works

Did you know that the US already has a cap-and-trade system? Passed as part of the 1990 Clean Air Act by a Democratic Congress and signed into law by George H.W. Bush, the cap on sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions, which cause acid rain, was first implemented in 1993.

Head Red goes to Boulder for a lalapalooza conference

BOULDER, Colorado -– Some may call it Conference-a-palooza. Film critic Roger Ebert calls it “The Conference on Everything Conceivable.” But its more conventional name is 'The Conference on World Affairs' and it's hosted by The University of Colorado.

'We the People' to 'King of the World': 'YOU'RE FIRED!' ...a letter from Michael Moore

Friends, Nothing like it has ever happened. The President of the United States, the elected representative of the people, has just told the head of General Motors -- a company that's spent more years at #1 on the Fortune 500 list than anyone else -- 'You're fired!'

Unity dialogue held in New Haven

As white supremacist anti-immigrant hate groups increase their targeting of New Haven and adjacent East Haven, a dialogue was held this week addressing the need for unity of workers of all racial and national backgrounds.

Single-payer health reform bill introduced in Senate

Challenging head-on the powerful private insurance and pharmaceutical industries, Vermont’s Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced a single-payer health reform bill, the American Health Security Act of 2009, in the U.S. Senate last week. The bill is the first to directly take on the powerful lobbies blocking universal health reform in the Senate since Sen. Paul Wellstone’s tragic death.

Cleveland rallies for Employee Free Choice

As part of a growing grassroots movement, over 100 community and labor activists rallied for the Employee Free Choice Act in Cleveland Public Square March 30th. The event, one of 44 “Resistance and Recovery” actions held nationwide by the Jobs With Justice coalition during the week of March 27 – April 4, was also sponsored by the North Shore AFL-CIO Federation of Labor.

Letter from the Fargo flood This tragedy has given the word community a deeper meaning

FARGO, N.D. — Living one block from the Red River here puts me on the front line of the flood.

As joblessness soars, call goes out for food stamp justice

PAWTUCKET, R.I. — Empty store windows line downtown streets in this old mill town, the birthplace of our country’s industrial revolution.

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