Progressive Caucus backs public health insurance plan

While one of the AFL-CIO’s key health care reform principles—a public health insurance option—has been vigorously attacked by the private insurance industry, it received important backing last week from the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC).

Opinion: Arts Advocacy Day testimony from Linda Ronstadt

Editor's note: The following is the full testimony Linda Ronstadt is delivering today to a Congressional subcommittee as part of Arts Advocacy Day. Ronstadt, a Grammy-award winning singer, is artistic director of the San José Mariachi and Mexican Heritage Festival.

Big victories for marriage equality in Vermont, Iowa

Same-sex couples and gay rights activists nationwide are celebrating after major victories today in Vermont and last week in Iowa, two states that are paving the way in allowing gay couples to marry.


Shoe-repairman, veteran, bobbin boy, Communist: 93 years with a twinkle in his eye

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — John Hovan has been reading this newspaper, and its predecessors going back to the Daily Worker, since the early 1930s — in the depths of the Great Depression. It’s been a key to his lifetime of activism for the working class.

Peace groups hail Obamas vow to abolish nukes

Leaders of the struggle for nuclear disarmament hailed President Obama’s speech April 5 in Prague, committing the United States to work for the total abolition of nuclear weapons, the first American president ever to make that pledge.

NM insurance industry once more foils the will of the people

Despite the fact that the NM Health Securities Act is the only universal health care proposal in New Mexico that has the support of 144 organizations, spanning 31 counties and cities, the health insurance industry was able once more to prevent its passage in the state legislature.

Real debate urged on health care

LOS ANGELES — The White House convened the last of five regional forums on health care here April 6 with demands growing both inside and outside for enactment by Congress of a federally run, universal health coverage system free of profits.

Should Chicago host the 2016 Summer Games?

CHICAGO – For the last several days, 13 members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have been touring this city and getting to know its landscape. Chicago is being evaluated as the potential host city for the 2016 Summer Games and Mayor Richard Daley has been pulling out the red carpet for commission members.

World protests grow against capitalist crisis and war

Beginning on Saturday 28 March in London and Berlin, and culminating in mass protests around the world on 4 April millions of working people and peace activists mobilized to express their rage at the deepening capitalist economic crisis and the escalation of the war in Afghanistan.


Health care not warfare!

10,000 send message to Wall Street NEW YORK—About 10,000 protesters marched through the Wall Street financial district April 4 chanting “Money for health care not for war, that is what we’re marching for.”

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