100 days

As we mark the first 100 days of the Obama presidency, it is still necessary to ask, “Is this real? Is the eight-year Bush nightmare really over?”


School has no heat! Immigrant and worker rights Fickle and volatile Support dental funding

WORLD NOTES: Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Russia, West Bank, Cuba

Nigeria: Transnat’l plunder leaves loose ends Sri Lanka: Noted author charges genocide Venezuela: Pacts on oil and more Russia: Workers hit the streets West Bank: Intimidation mounts Cuba: Support reform of UN Security Council

WORLD NOTES: Hungary, Afghanistan, Philippines, Canada, Colombia, Cuba

Hungary: Economy fells prime minister Afghanistan: People’s needs still neglected Philippines: Protests mount against U.S. military Canada: Movement grows vs. deportations Colombia: FARC promotes prisoner exchange Cuba: Chernobyl rescue anniversary marked