Canadian workers oppose planned U.S. attack on Iraq

In a statement issued on August 20, Ken Georgetti, president of the 2.5 million-member Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) said, 'Canadian workers are watching with growing disbelief the U.S. government’s preparations for a full-scale attack against Iraq and they want nothing to do with it.

Israel expels international witnesses

TEL AVIV – A group of 48 French citizens who had traveled to Israel was stopped at the Tel Aviv airport and denied entry on Aug. 20 when the Israeli government declared them personae non grata. The group had come to Israel at the invitation of the Hadash Front, an Israeli peace group, led by Issam Mahoul, a member of the Knesset. Among its members were young people of different backgrounds, including several of Jewish heritage.

Holts a progressive voice in N.J.

Commentary The race in central New Jersey’s relatively affluent 12th Congressional District is one of the more interesting races in the nation. The race pits two-term Congressman Rush Holt against the GOP candidate Reverend Buster Soaries, an African-American Baptist minister. Soaries, former Secretary of State in Christine Todd Whitman’s Republican administration, is seen by some as the 'liberal' face of the Republican party.

International support for ILWU

As we went to press, the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF), representing 5 million civil aviation, rail, truck and sea transport workers worldwide pledged support for the International Longshore and Warehouse Union in its contract negotiations.

Cuba makes a wonderful destination

HAVANA – My first trip to Cuba coincided with the 49th anniversary of the beginning of the Cuban Revolution, July 26. The revolution ended with national liberation in 1959.

UFW marches for historic legislation

LOS ANGELES – The United Farm Workers (UFW) are marching in a 150-mile, 10-day trek from the San Joaquin Valley to Sacramento, in order to pressure Governor Gray Davis to approve a history-making bill, which could force growers to sign labor contracts.

Masking the real crime

The pace of the ideological shell game has accelerated in a desperate effort to prevent the public from connecting the “economic dots” and drawing historical conclusions.

Workers take on Chicago hotels

CHICAGO – Over 7,000 members of Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union (HERE) Local 1 are preparing for a possible Sept. 1 strike against some of the nation’s premier hotels here as tough contract negotiations continue.

Israel: Peacenik mayor runs for PM

TEL AVIV – In the lobbies of the Knesset, rumors have made the rounds that the Sharon regime would not last until the end of its term, October 2003, and early general elections might take place. It became obvious, that not one of Sharon’s promises, had been realized, and nobody expects that they will be. The “Peace with Security” for the Israeli people, or the advance of Israel’s economy, are farther away than ever.

As Europe floods, drought afflicts half of U.S.

The Czech Republic and eastern Germany are digging out from the worst floods in a century but here in the U.S. just under half the lower 48 states are afflicted with the worst drought since the 1930s. Is this global warming with a vengeance, drowning one continent in a deluge and turning another into a dust bowl?

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