Conn. labor organizing for elections

The fight is on in Connecticut to win pro-worker representation in Washington and Hartford in November. Delegates to last week’s Connecticut AFL-CIO Political Convention left fired up to mobilize their members for a massive voter turnout in this high-stakes election.

Greenpeace ship arrives for Earth Summit

CAPETOWN, South Africa – The Greenpeace ship Esperanza arrived here on a cold, blistery Aug. 14 morning in connection with the upcoming U.N. World Summit on Sustainable Development. The Summit will open Aug. 26 in Johanesburg, South Africa.

Republicans played key role in McKinney defeat

Outspoken progressive Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was defeated in a bitter primary fight Aug. 20 by combined efforts of the Republican Party and other right-wingers, including powerful backers of the Israeli government’s hard-line anti-Palestinian policies.


Iowa labor maps Election 2002 fight

WATERLOO, Iowa – The 46th convention of the Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, opened here Aug. 14 with a blistering attack on the policies of the Bush administration. It ended two days later with a plan of action aimed at electing worker-friendly candidates to Congress and the Iowa legislature, with a special emphasis on re-electing Sen. Tom Harkin.

Lawmakers back longshore workers

LOS ANGELES – California lawmakers lambasted the Bush administration for its threatened intervention in West Coast longshore negotiations, at a public hearing held at Banning Landing at the Port of Los Angeles on Aug. 16.

Bush visit met with protests

MILWAUKEE – A carnival atmosphere greeted George W. Bush as he arrived here for his third visit in several months. As Bush gave a perfunctory policy address at the University of Wisconsin, using the 37th anniversary of the Social Security Act as an occasion to criticize Democratic presidents’ anti-poverty measures, about 150 mostly labor and Democratic Party activists lampooned Bush and Wisconsin Governor Scott McCallum at a “circus,” complete with jugglers and clowns.

Czech Communists call for cancellation of Prague NATO summit

PRAGUE – The Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (CPBM) called on the Czech government to call off the NATO summit due to be held in Prague in November and spend the $560 million on helping the victims of this week’s catastrophic floods. At the same time, the CPBM announced it was donating $30,000 to help flood victims and also opening a flood relief fund.

The floods won't change the essentials of politics

PRAGUE – Every new day convinces us that it will be a long time yet before we know the final cost of the damage and losses caused by the present floods. The deluge has not finished yet and its results in terms of the repair of damaged buildings, roads, bridges and so on will take a long time to make themselves felt. The damage done to industry, agriculture and other branches of the economy will also take a long time to calculate.

Court decision institutional coup

Protests erupted in response to the Aug. 14 Venezuelan Supreme Court decision to drop the case against the four military officers accused in the April coup.

Peace meeting: America is less safe

DALLAS – Eleven months past the Sept. 11 disaster, peace activists gathered here Aug. 11 to evaluate whether or not the Bush administration has made the American people any safer. They held four rotating workshops at Grace United Methodist Church. Topics were the environment, international politics, civil liberties and the nuclear threat. In each aspect, it was shown clearly that the administration’s policies have failed in their declared intent to make Americans safer.

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