Seattle supports longshore workers

SEATTLE – After a several-block march along the Elliot Bay waterfront, 2,000 supporters and members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) rallied outside the Port of Seattle offices.

Drought threatens lives, economy

CHENNAI, India – North, central and southern regions of India are in the middle of a severe drought and thousands of lives are in danger. This is the worst drought since 1983, and will likely spread to the rest of the country if the Southwest monsoon fails. All sectors, including the stock market, are affected by this climatic trouble, and the troubles are compounded by government mismanagement.

Chicago Peace Pledge signers say No Iraq war

CHICAGO – On the twelfth anniversary of the U.S. Gulf War and imposition of sanctions against Iraq, Aug. 6, Chicagoans joined a national drive to collect Pledges of Peace, saying “No” to a new war on Iraq and “Yes” to ending the sanctions.

I hate it when that happens

Going over the books at WorldCom, they just found another $3.3 billion that had been incorrectly accounted for, bringing the grand total of “mistakes,” thus far, to over $7 billion.

Bus strike yields security, benefits

Workers’ Correspondence A year after a major victory at the bus lines that connect Westchester County to Manhattan, a similar battle tested the leadership, membership and organizing staff of Transport Workers Union Local 100. The Westchester victory was achieved with a careful, two-day strike coupled with aggressive political action; this time, the negotiation took over seven weeks.

Illinois death penalty opponents call for commutation

Opponents of the death penalty here have had a good year despite the bleak mood fostered in the wake of Sept. 11. Many see its abolition as an eminently achievable goal. Their hope is buoyed by the scathing April 15 report by a task force appointed by Gov. George Ryan calling for a major overhaul of Illinois death penalty legislation.

New Colombian government slams door on peace

When Anne Patterson, U.S. ambassador to Colombia, called on the new government of ultra-rightist President Alvaro Uribe Velez to summon the reserves to fight against leftist guerrilla forces, Uribe’s minister of defense, Martha Lucia Ramirez, did just that on the following day.

Truth stranger than fiction?

In a development the American Civil Liberties Union has called “surreal,” an Aug. 6 report says the Department of Justice is forwarding incoming Operation TIPS calls to Fox TV’s “America’s Most Wanted” series.

War and the new Global 500

Fortune magazine recently published its latest “Global 500” listing of the world’s 500 largest corporations, ranked by their sales (revenues) in 2001.

Stanley Works withdraws re-incorporation ploy

News Analysis NEW BRITAIN, Conn. – A major victory was scored here last week, as Stanley Works withdrew its push to re-incorporate in Bermuda and avoid paying $30 million a year in U.S. taxes.

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