NOW launches Truth About George website

The National Organization for Women (NOW) announced July 31 it is launching a new website, “to offer real information about what is going on and to help protect our democracy from being eroded under the cover of ‘war’.”

Privatization hits Philly schools

News Analysis On August 1, after months of controversy, protest and uncertainty, the Philadelphia School Reform Commission (SRC) voted to sign contracts with Edison Schools, Inc., and other for-profit Educational Management Organizations (EMOs). These contracts mean that 45 of the city’s 264 public schools will be privately managed this year.

Pharmacists, labor and seniors oppose medicine cuts

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Representatives of labor, seniors and the California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) sent California governor Gray Davis a boxful of empty medicine bottles with labels opposing “Appalling cuts to balance the budget on the backs of the poor, sick and elderly ... leaving thousands without access to essential medicines.”

Chicagoans march for affordable housing

CHICAGO – A thousand people, mostly from Chicago’s Westside, marched on City Hall July 29 for affordable housing. The crowd, chanting wildly and jumping vibrantly, denounced their mayor for continuing to let developers destroy their neighborhoods, forcing them out of their homes, all the while making great profits.

Janitors reject poverty wages

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 50 held a press conference here Aug. 2, announcing that two companies who provide cleaning services at the Thomas Eagleton Federal Court House have not complied with the Federal Prevailing Wage Act (FPWA) since July 1, 2001.

Prisons need strong public health care

Over the past decade, detection and prevention programs have made significant headway in stopping the spread of Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS. In Black, Latino and other racially and nationally oppressed communities, though, both diseases are still rampant.

War on terrorism spreads to Greece

In late June, the government of Greece boasted it would soon break the 17th of November organization (17N). Then, in the Athens port of Peiraias, where the government had just imposed martial law to break the maritime strike but could not stop support demonstrations, a package blew up in the hand of a religious icon painter, the son of an Orthodox priest.

International notes

China: New security concept at ASEAN meet/France: Unions, CP protest Air France privatization/Nigeria: Women win again/Uruguay: General strike protests economic crisis/Korea: Reunification Day fete planned/Canada: Auto workers leader aids homeless

Solidarity politics top AFL-CIO meet

CHICAGO – In a strongly worded resolution, the AFL-CIO Executive Council condemned the Bush administration’s threat to use federal troops to break any strike by members of the West Coast International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) against the shipping companies belonging to the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA).

Petition call: No U.S. attack on Iraq

“We, the undersigned, resolutely oppose the Bush administration’s plan to invade, conquer and occupy Iraq.” So begins an online petition to George W. Bush, Congress and the media, initiated by Since it was posted the first week in August, 7,801 people have signed the hard-hitting petition, which can be visited at

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