Profit, control and Wal-Mart equals union-busting

As the battle over the longshore contract with the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) intensifies, corporate America is chomping at the bit at the prospect of even greater profits, if it can bust the International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) currently in contract negotiations.

Iraqs people must win democratic patriotic alternative

Following are brief excerpts from the communique issued by the Iraqi Communist Party after its Aug. 15 meeting. The meeting paid exceptional attention to the mounting dangers threatening our people and country, in connection with the escalating political-information and military campaign of the U.S. administration, which – as repeatedly declared – is aimed at demolishing the dictatorial regime.

The search for a mass organizing strategy

Today, many unions are beginning to realize the need to organize unorganized workers. Some are still learning how to organize. Only a few have had marked success. Perhaps only the Service Employees International Union has had the mass organizing successes we look for in the rest of the movement – and those wins came after years of effort.


Union members run for Congress

Even a brief look at the make-up of the 107th Congress helps explain why workers are catching hell these days. Yes, it is true that there are “friends of labor” who have 100 percent AFL-CIO voting records, but they find themselves out-gunned in a Congress whose 535 members include 150 millionaire lawyers, bankers and other business people.

Bush kills Rx benefit for seniors

Responding to the demands of the drug monopolies, the Bush Administration killed the demand to give seniors on Medicare an affordable prescription drug benefit. A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the Commonwealth Fund and Tufts Unviersity-New England Medical Center found that nearly one-quarter of seniors cannot afford and therefore do not take medical doses prescribed by their physicians. The study also found that one in four seniors spend $100 or more per month on prescription drugs.

Thousands march against health cuts in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES – Thousands of demonstrators protested here Aug. 20, in a massive march against the closing of hospitals and community health clinics by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Ohio voters demand affordable medicine

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The five-million-strong Ohio Coalition for Affordable Prescription Drugs is “fed up with legislative stonewalling.” An “Initiative Petition,” filed July 2, has lain in limbo with no action for over a month in Ohio Attorney General Betty Montgomery’s office.

Yale workers battle Ivy league economics

Job security, classifications, promotions and pensions are at stake when 4,000 Yale workers take a strike authorization vote on Sept. 4, as well as the right of graduate teachers and hospital workers to organize. But for many members of Locals 34 and 35, HERE (Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union), the bottom line is the bottom line: there’s just not enough money in their paycheck.

TWU launches save the fare struggle

Workers Correspondence As our local union prepares to negotiate a labor contract with New York City Transit, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proclaimed that a $2.00 subway fare was in the offing. The current fare is $1.50. Fighting the fare increase has brought a new set of coalitions into the fray.

No-match letters: anti-union weapon

“No-match” letters have become the weapon of choice as employers and the government step up their attack on immigrant workers.

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