Bush Iraq policy seen as failure

Following the devastating bombing of the United Nations office in Baghdad, talk is increasingly turning to the failure of the Bush administration’s unilateralist Iraq policies and its “war on terrorism.”

Israeli, Palestinian groups respond to deepening crisis

Gush Shalom, an Israeli peace group, has issued a statement charging the Israeli government is responsible for the new round of violence in Israel and the West Bank and Gaza. The group said, “The renewed cycle of bloodshed has begun with the decision of the Israeli political and military echelons to implement – in the middle of the Hudna (cease-fire) – a series of ‘targeted liquidations,’ knowing full well that that act would lead to retaliation bombings and to the breaking of the Hudna.”

International Notes

Cuba: Trade pacts signed with Alabama / Iraq: Int’l union federation condemns attack on UN / Liberia: UN says humanitarian crisis continues / Czech Republic: New political crisis looms

International notes

Swaziland: Protesters demand democracy / Liberia: Security needed for relief supplies / Argentina: No pardon for repression / Haiti: Reparations campaign makes progress / China: Job creation takes center stage

Soldier Sal is safe so far

Sal, a young Texas soldier in Iraq, writes to let us know that he is OK.

International notes

Iraq: Protest of fuel & power shortages / South Africa: Gov’t to provide AIDS drugs / South Korea: Hyundai workers win wage hike / Dominican Republic: Police raid transport union office / India: Anger grows over strike ban

Bushs Senegal visit uncensored

The following is an abridged e-mail sent by a Senegalese woman and health activist to friends. It gives an uncensored view of George W. Bush’s Africa visit.

What is going on in Iraq today? An Iraqi view

Raid Fahmi is a member of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP). He represented the ICP at the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties in Athens, Greece, June 19-20, 2003.

Venezuelas revolution improves economy

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is an advocate for the poor and working people, enjoying the votes of over half of his countrymen and women in every election. This infuriates the wealthy and powerful in Caracas and Washington, D.C., as does his friendship with Cuban President Fidel Castro.

International notes

Japan: Anti-nuke meet opens / Liberia: Emergency food airlifted / Britain: Unions shift to left / Britain: Unions shift to left / Afghanistan: Union-busters help draft laws / China & Russia: Urge ban on space arms / France: Anti-globalization activist released

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