International notes

Swaziland: Protesters demand democracy / Liberia: Security needed for relief supplies / Argentina: No pardon for repression / Haiti: Reparations campaign makes progress / China: Job creation takes center stage

U.S. schools and shelters to receive Cuban aid

The 14th U.S.-Cuba Friendshipment caravan, organized by IFCO/Pastors for Peace, after successfully delivering 80 tons of humanitarian aid to Cuban schools, churches, hospitals, and senior centers last week, returned to the United States via Mexico on July 29, carrying products manufactured in Cuba to be delivered to communities throughout the U.S.

Millions celebrate Cuban revolution

Millions of Cubans celebrated the 50th anniversary of the start of the Cuban Revolution with carnivals, dancing, street festivals, parades, meetings and rallies. July 26 is the anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Barracks, which sparked the revolution.

International notes

Greece: Lawyers accuse British before ICC / Burma: Unocal sued over forced labor / Argentina: Military officers to stand trial / Vietnam: Haiphong development plan unveiled / S. Africa: Miners win wage hike

Bush threatens Iran, war danger grows

News analysis George Bush once again accused Iran of continuing to “harbor and assist terrorists,” July 21, warning of the consequences. Israel, as well, on July 21, accused Iran of “trying everything” to get nuclear weapons, and that if it succeeded, it would threaten a far wider theatre than just the Middle East.

Thousands caught in deportation nightmare

Less than two weeks after Rabih Haddad’s wife vowed to clear the name of her deported husband, she and three of her children have themselves been deported. Salma Al-Rushaid and her children, ages 5 through 13, were deported July 28 to her native Kuwait for alleged visa violations. The family hopes to join Haddad in Lebanon soon. The couple’s fourth child, a U.S. citizen, will remain here.