No mataris

La declaración criminal y peligrosa hecha por el líder “cristiano” de extrema derecha Pat Robertson en su programa de televisión “The 700 Club” el 22 de agosto, donde llamó por el asesinato del presidente venezolano Hugo Chávez por agentes estadounidenses debe ser condenado inmediatamente por la Casa Blanca y el Congreso.

Christmas in August for big energy

“It’s Christmas in August for big energy, and consumers get lumps of coal,” was how Anna Aurilio of environmental and consumer advocacy group US PIRG described the new Energy Policy Act of 2005, signed by President Bush on Aug. 8. And despite a few ornaments attached to the Christmas tree as sops to the environment, the big presents under the tree had the energy industry’s name on them.

Power struggle in Connecticut

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — The New Haven Board of Aldermen held a fiery hearing on July 25 regarding a proposal for a special hospital zone which will include a $430 million Cancer Center at Yale New Haven Hospital.

National Clips

CHICAGO: Residents campaign for winter heating WASHINGTON: Station fires host for anti-Islam tiradeASHLAND, Ala.: Poultry workers fight Tyson Jim Crow SAN FRANCISCO: Children of same-sex couples win equal rights HARTFORD, Conn.: State sues feds over unfunded mandate PITTSBURGH: Police use dogs and tasers on peace marchers

Politics trumps teachers on science materials

PHILADELPHIA — When Philadelphia teachers return on the first day of school, they will be surprised. The new science curriculum some had tested in their classrooms using kits from Science and Technology for Children (STC) or Full Option Science Systems (FOSS) has been replaced with materials from K12 Inc.

Reminder to Robertson: Thou shall not kill

The criminal and dangerous statements made by far right “Christian” leader Pat Robertson on his Aug. 22 “700 Club” television show, calling for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, should be swiftly condemned by the White House and Congress.

Ohioans in revolt against GOP sleaze

Half a million people in Ohio are so fed up with government corruption that they signed petitions to place four measures on the ballot in November aimed at curbing Republican one-party rule, which they blame for the pervasive sleaze.

Stickup at the gas pumps

CHICAGO — Drivers here went into sticker shock as gasoline prices jumped 40 cents over the past week. A gallon of gas in Chicago averaged $2.82 on Aug. 23, up nearly a dollar from a year ago, according to . Around the nation, the average price at the pump hit $2.59 — a 39 percent increase from last year’s $1.87.