Silvio Rodriguez still inspires millions with poetic and visionary song

HAVANA (AP) — In his 58 years, Silvio Rodriguez has watched wars come and go, ideologies blossom and wither, love emerge and evaporate.

An appreciation of John H. Johnson

Ebony and Jet have been decorating the furniture in African American living rooms and offices for many years. John H. Johnson, one of the wealthiest African Americans in the country and founder of Ebony, Jet and the Johnson Publishing Co., died on Aug. 8. His funeral a week later drew an overflow crowd, ranging from personalities like former President Bill Clinton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson to throngs of ordinary people who came to pay their respects. What was the essence of the contribution of John H. Johnson to the struggle for social progress?

Pastors group campaigns for Cuba solidarity

You might assume that Pastors for Peace, which is being harassed by the U.S. Treasury Department for delivering humanitarian aid to Cuba, is in a pickle. But the Rev. Lucius Walker, director of the New York-based ecumenical group, thinks otherwise. He calls the department’s actions “another gift given to us by the U.S. government to organize and gain support for Cuba.”

American Indians pull with pride in Elwha

PORT ANGELES, Wash. — “Paddle to Elwha” brought thousands of Pacific Northwest Indians and their friends to the waterfront of this old Olympic Peninsula mill town Aug. 1 to celebrate the arrival of 76 dugout canoes from as far north as Alaska and far south as Coos Bay, Ore.

Camp Casey puts Bush on the run

CRAWFORD, Texas — Just two months ago, people in this quiet, rural town, population 705, lived their lives in relative anonymity. But thanks to the lies of an infamous neighbor, the townsfolk have had to adjust to a daily barrage of photographers, reporters, television cameras and, most of all, protesters. .

Televangelist urges killing of Hugo Chavez

Pat Robertson, a former GOP presidential candidate and influential figure in the extreme, ultra-right-wing fringe of Christianity associated with such groups as the Christian Coalition, openly called for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on his show “The 700 Club” Aug. 22.

Good news, bad news on Patriot Act

By the end of this year, 16 items in the USA Patriot Act were due to expire, or “sunset,” and for more than a year civil liberties activists and administration supporters have been squaring off for the big fight.

DeLay hit for anti-immigrant remarks

HOUSTON — House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) told a group of his constituents this month that he thinks laws allowing “illegal immigrants” to be treated in area hospitals and laws permitting their children to attend public schools should be repealed.

Discomforting jab at suburban alienation

According to The Associated Press, the Louisiana penal system is reluctantly releasing one of the young men who murdered several schoolmates a few years ago when he was 13. He and another boy had set off a fire alarm in their school so that everybody would come outside, where they were hiding with their fathers’ high-powered rifles….

Cuban singer Ibrahim Ferrer: 1927-2005

Ibrahim Ferrer, the mild-mannered singer of the Buena Vista Social Club group that brought him world fame late in life, died Aug. 6 in Havana, Cuba. He was 78.

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