Copper strikers standing firm

TUCSON, Ariz. — Copper workers on strike against Asarco are resolved to stick it out. The mine and smelter workers walked off their jobs July 1 in protest of Asarco’s (and parent company Grupo Mexico’s) refusal to bargain in good faith with the coalition of unions representing 1,500 workers in Arizona and Texas.

Capital campaign in home stretch

“What a change! What an improvement! The place looks great!” These were some of the thoughts running through my head as I walked into the Los Angeles Workers Center for the first time in several months.

Roberts hostile to equal pay, memo shows

WASHINGTON — A newly released legal memo by Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts calling pay equity for women a “pernicious” legal doctrine touched off demands by women’s organizations that he be quizzed closely on the issue in Senate confirmation hearings next month.

Showdown in Texas: The end of the occupation begins in Crawford

CRAWFORD, Texas – Cindy Sheehan’s roadside vigil has reverberated in towns and cities around the nation and even through the gates of President Bush’s ranch here. Vowing to trail the president back to Washington at the end of his vacation, this 48-year-old mother, whose son Casey died in Iraq last year, has voiced what a growing number of Americans are thinking, judging by the latest polls: Bush’s Iraq war is a cruel failure, based on lies, and it’s time to end it.

Further cuts proposed for King-Drew hospital

LOS ANGELES — Less than six months after closing the trauma center at the Martin Luther King Jr./Charles Drew Medical Center (KDMC), the L.A. County Board of Supervisors is considering even more cuts in the hospital’s services.

Reggae, art and politics: The revolutionary poetry of Linton Kwesi Johnson

Author, founder of Dub poetry, former Black Panther and presently art editor of the journal Race Today, Linton Kwesi Johnson became the first Black poet and the second living poet to be included in Penguin Books’ iconic Modern Classics series with the publication of “Mi Revalueshanary Fren: Selected Poems” in 2002.

Time to rethink old thoughts

The growth and maturation of the progressive movement in recent years is a major feature of our time. A wide range of groups are involved in the struggle for a better society. And though there is much disagreement on strategy and different emphases on various aspects of the struggle, one can see a general understanding of the major problems and possible solutions. In our Internet-driven society it is not hard to find sophisticated, if not profound, analyses of the current world.

Operation Withdrawal Scam

The White House has launched a new phase of its propaganda siege for the Iraq war.

Immigrant rights movement grows in Connecticut

Three years ago, people in Connecticut started talking loudly about something many believed was just a condition experienced by states bordering Mexico.

What next for labor?

Some of the dust has begun to settle since the serious split in labor that finally emerged at the AFL-CIO convention at the end of July. The Change to Win unions (consisting of SEIU, Teamsters and Food and Commercial Workers — disaffiliated; Unite Here, Laborers and Farm Workers — still affiliated; and the Carpenters who had already left the AFL-CIO a few years ago) are planning a conference or convention for late September. They seem to hint, and many fear, that it will be a founding convention of a rival labor federation to the AFL-CIO.

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