Editorial: Save Social Security from Wall Streets clutches

Aug. 14 marks the 70th anniversary of Social Security — our country’s most effective anti-poverty program.

From Emmett Till to Harold Washington: Arlene Brigham: foot soldier for equality

CHICAGO — Arlene Brigham’s eyes still blaze when she talks about Emmett Till. At 88 years old she can still vividly recall the pain and outrage surrounding the lynching of the 14-year-old African American on Aug. 28, 1955.

Atkins introduces low-cash diet

Two days after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., said today that although its low-carb diet had lost its luster, the company was introducing what it called “a low-cash diet guaranteed to melt those pounds away.”

Looming AIDS funding crisis

Federal AIDS funding is dangerously inadequate and doesn’t look like it will improve soon. This year 20,000 new cases are expected to be newly diagnosed. But instead of increasing funding, the Bush administration unveiled a proposal July 27 to shift billions of dollars for HIV/AIDS-related services away from hard hit urban centers to rural areas. Expanded medical care is urgently needed in poor and rural parts of the country where the rates of HIV are increasing rapidly, but 70 percent of people with HIV live in urban centers. The poor in the inner city will suffer.

Autoworkers rally: Union in, scabs out

LIVONIA, Mich. — “Union in, scabs out,” shouted 600 UAW members from Ford, GM, Daimler-Chrysler and auto parts supplier plants as they marched to the Hercules Drawn Steel plant in this Detroit suburb July 28.

Minimum wage headed for ballot in New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The Living Wage Coalition here has collected 30,000 signatures on petitions to place a measure on the Oct. 4 ballot to increase the minimum wage in this city from $5.50 an hour to $7.50. On Aug. 4 the County Clerk verified 22,000 signatures, well over the 13,889 needed to achieve ballot status.

Sweating in a union shop

One summer in the 1930s I worked in a laundry in the Bronx. I probably worked there in the fall and winter too. But it was the summer I remember because it was hot and hotter. The laundry was housed in an old, commercial garage and employed about 100 workers, mostly women. There was little natural ventilation and I don’t remember any fans.

World Notes

World Notes

Arabs in Israel drawn into Gaza pullout debate

Until last weekend Israel’s 1 million Palestinian citizens had stayed out of the debate about the country’s imminent disengagement from Gaza. “It’s not our story,” they said when pressed, “this is an entirely Jewish conversation.”

Bush appoints transition coordinator for Cuba

A 2004 report of President Bush’s “Commission for Assistance for a Free Cuba” called for escalating economic pressure on Cuba, funding internal opposition forces and developing mechanisms for privatizing the island’s enterprises in a post-socialist society. It also called for a high-level Washington appointee to take charge of Cuba’s would-be return to capitalism.

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