Historic opinion overturns Cuban Five conviction

After considering their case for over a year, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Aug. 9 overturned the 2001 convictions of the “Cuban Five” on charges of serving as unregistered agents of a foreign government. The court said the five men did not receive a fair trial in Miami because of pervasive prejudice there against the government led by President Fidel Castro, and ordered a new trial in a different jurisdiction.

Mothers confront Bush on war

As grief-stricken families gathered in Ohio to mourn their Iraq war dead, mothers who lost sons in the war stood vigil on the road to George W. Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, to demand that he bring the troops home now.

Heat on the streets: Voting rights yes! Iraq war no!

ATLANTA — The torch of the civil rights movement was passed to the next generation Aug. 6 as a march of over 20,000 filled the streets here on the 40th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act.

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