Mortgage crisis stoked by incredible greed

Baton Rouge, La., Kansas City, Mo., and Bethlehem, Pa., are far from Wall Street, but they are among the ground zeros in the financial crisis now grabbing headlines. It’s a crisis caused, some say, by “incredible greed and looting” by the nation’s financial institutions.

The American Revolution revisited

Are those who sing our national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner,” and those who enjoy the huge fireworks displayed over our entire nation every July 4 really aware of the significance of this historic holiday?

Solving New Orleans health care crisis

The post-Katrina catastrophe in New Orleans has ripped the mask off the ruling class. Unlike a festive Mardi Gras unmasking, the greed, racism, arrogance and brutality of the Bush administration and the class whose interests it represents are out in the open for all to see.

EDITORIAL: Bonds did it

Barry Bonds finally claimed baseball’s all-time home-run record, hitting his 756th homer on Aug. 7. But then ... enter the haters.

EDITORIAL: No to warrantless spying

Last week, Congress gave in to a campaign of Bush administration fear-mongering and approved the Protect America Act by a vote of 60-28 in the Senate and 227-183 in the House. Bush immediately signed the bill into law.

The Silent War: Taking on guns and gangs with positive alternatives

CHICAGO — Growing up on this city’s Southwest Side, I could never get used to street gangs, shootings and witnessing neighborhood friends die from violence. Why do so many youth join street gangs? How can someone just pull a trigger and take the life of another human being?


Soldier stands up against unjust war

LOS ANGELES — Agustin Aguayo has a decision to make. Aguayo is seeking conscientious objector status, and may appeal his case to the Supreme Court. His deadline is Sept. 5. At issue is whether a soldier’s conscientious objection to war can develop after enlistment and outside of an organized religion.


Court strikes down anti-immigrant measures

HAZLETON, Pa. — In a stinging rebuttal to anti-immigrant forces, a federal court has struck down this city’s ordinances against undocumented immigrants.


Bridges, not bombs, Minnesotans say

Steve Share, editor of the Minneapolis Labor Review, was in his office the evening of Aug. 1 when he heard the sirens wailing, a din that grew so loud he stepped out to see what was the matter. In a steady stream, police cars, ambulances and fire engines were racing toward the I-35W bridge that spans the Mississippi.

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