WORLD NOTES: August 25

Myanmar: Red Cross condemns human rights abuses Iraq: Unions to launch new federation South Africa: Communist Party head lambastes AFRICOM Chile: Striking copper miners gain victory Sweden: Conference warns of world water crisis

CARE assails U.S. food program

The charity organization CARE has announced that after 2009 it will no longer accept U.S.-donated food aid to Africa. The announcement has caused a stir among food aid agencies and spotlighted a festering controversy, especially in recipient countries.

Peru earthquake uncovers government failings

On arrival in Pisco, Aug. 16, to set up a command post, Peruvian President Alan Garcia announced, “No one is going to die of hunger, that I can guarantee.” The day before, Peru’s worst earthquake in 37 years had leveled 80 percent of Pisco’s houses.

North Korea devastated by floods

Torrential rains and heavy flooding have resulted in a national disaster for the North Korea, killing hundreds, destroying homes and crippling production. But the government says it is determined to quickly minimize the effects, with help from international aid institutions.

Venezuela to debate constitutional changes

August 15 is important in Venezuela. It’s the day Simon Bolivar dedicated himself to Venezuelan independence in 1805, the day President Hugo Chavez won a presidential recall vote by a 59 percent majority in 2004, and the day this year Chavez submitted proposed constitutional changes to Venezuela’s National Assembly.

LETTERS: August 25

On Conyers and impeachment Bonds still accountable Never forget

The night Max Roach conquered Havana

When U.S. jazz great Max Roach came to the Havana International Jazz Plaza Festival in 1989, he spoke to Cuban writer Leonardo Acosta about his first trip to Cuba in the mid-1950s. Sadly, Roach wasn’t allowed to enter the Tropicana Cabaret in pre-revolutionary Cuba because of the color of his skin.

Roche puts profits first

Early in June, Roche Pharmaceuticals announced a global recall of nelfinavir (marketed as Viracept) after discovering batches were contaminated with a carcinogen at its Swiss manufacturing plant in March.


CHARLESTON, W.Va.: War costs could pay for kids’ health care JENA, La.: Hundreds demand justice for Jena 6 students KALAMAZOO, Mich.: Town hall meets ‘take a stand’ vs. war MEMPHIS, Tenn.: Heat kills 13 in state, more throughout South

PWW on MySpace: Take that, Rupert Murdoch!

MySpace, the popular social networking site, has 70 million users. The People’s Weekly World has joined a range of progressive organizations and individuals who are using the site to advance a pro-people agenda.