Iraq war remains major issue

DENVER — The Iraq war is front and center here at the Democratic Party convention, but front and center like gravity is in our daily lives — a major force but not talked about all the time.

Questions raised about McCains judgment on Georgia-Russia conflict

The conflict in Georgia has cast a spotlight on both John McCain’s ethics and on his ability to exercise good judgment in a time of crisis.

Editorial: Price of empire

The current conflict in Georgia shows just how dangerous it is in this 21st century world to pursue political goals by military means. In an era when war — and nuclear weapons — can easily spread and bring unimaginable devastation, it is imperative that conflicts between states be resolved peacefully.

An August surprise: Russia-Georgia conflict explodes on world scene

The U.S.-backed militarization of the Caucasus in the former Soviet Union exploded on the night of Aug. 7. Under cover of darkness and as the world watched the Olympics, the government of right-wing Georgian President Saakashvili ordered an all-out military attack on Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia.

A new Cold War?

Military alliances are always sold as things that produce security. In practice they tend to do the opposite. Thus, Germany formed the Triple Alliance with Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire to counter the enmity of France following the Franco-Prussian War. In response, France, England and Russia formed the Triple Entente. The outcome was World War I.