Marchers link struggles past to promising future

DETROIT — Close to 70 Obama acceptance speech events took place in the Detroit metropolitan area last night, but by far the largest was at Bert’s Warehouse Theater in the city’s Eastern Market, where several thousand gathered.

Largest-ever workplace raid terrorizes 600 workers in Miss.

Nearly 600 undocumented workers were rounded up Aug. 25 by federal agents in the small town of Laurel, Miss., the largest single workplace raid in U.S. history.


Liberian rubber workers win union

In a historic victory for labor in Africa, Liberian rubber workers signed an agreement with Bridgestone/Firestone Company in mid-August securing improved working and living conditions.


World-class service at union hotel

It was a surprise when I walked into a labor caucus meeting here to be greeted with such warmth and friendliness by the Hyatt Regency banquet staff. A young 30-something woman with a chopstick-like pin spearing her hair up in a bun came up to me and explained the menu and the serving schedule. The staff had to time the salad, main entrée and coffee/tea service with the beginning and ending of a speaking program that had its own time glitches. Needless to say, this can be a challenge to banquet workers.


Unions mobilize to elect Obama

DENVER — Two thousand union members, more than half of them delegates to the Democratic National Convention, rallied here Aug. 24 to launch an unprecedented effort by labor to change America this fall.


Biggest labor presence in history at Dem convention in Denver

Union members are arriving here by the tens of thousands for the Democratic National Convention and they are coming by train, plane, automobile, bus and even on foot. Thousands will participate in labor actions outside the convention and tens of thousands of them will be among the crowds that pack the Mile High Stadium on the night of Aug. 28 to hear Barack Obama’s acceptance speech.


One of the greatest stories of all times The Memphis sanitation workers strike remembered

SAN FRANCISCO — Fortieth anniversary events this year have highlighted the historic struggle of African American sanitation workers in Memphis, Tenn. — in 1968 among the country’s most oppressed workers — for union rights, decent wages and conditions, respect and dignity, and the fusing of labor, civil rights and peace struggles in that crucible. They have also pointed to the struggles that continue today

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