Underground Railroad museum: Beacon of hope, progress

CINCINNATI — The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, nestled between the Bengals and Reds stadiums here, is a beacon of hope and progress for working people everywhere. Open since 2004, it is a tribute to those brave people who struggled for freedom and justice against the oppressive system of slavery.


Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Labor Day

CLEVELAND — While still in mourning and shock at the unexpected Aug. 20 death of Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, the Greater Cleveland community will celebrate her life in an unprecedented Labor Day parade and festival, which her efforts helped bring about.

Another Olympic first

Cullen Jones, only the second African American to make the U.S. Olympic Swim Team, is the first African American to win an Olympic Gold Medal for his performance in the team’s 4 x 100 freestyle relay. Amid all the well-earned acclaim for Michael Phelps’ historic accomplishments, like racking up eight gold medals in one Olympics for swimming, Jones’ historic first should be noted.

Key Senate races could break GOP grip

With voter anger rising over endless war and a plummeting economy, Republicans could lose as many as 11 seats in the U.S. Senate and as many as 30 seats in the House this fall.


Bring back the Tree Army

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) put millions of jobless youth to work planting trees, fighting forest fires, building parks, roads and trails during the Great Depression.


Now we owe Cusack

If there is anyone left who approves of the Bush administration’s war policies, they won’t like “War, Inc.” If there are people who don’t like savage political cartoonery, they won’t like the film either. Everybody else should rush to get a ticket while, or if, they are still available.


Youth volunteers help win local race

ST. LOUIS — Volunteers participating in the Summer Youth Elections Camp here were credited with the victory of Robin Wright-Jones in the 5th District State Senate primary here Aug. 5. Wright-Jones won by 111 votes over opponent Rodney Hubbard who had the support and over $500,000 in funding from several in Missouri’s right-wing leadership—including the current speaker of the state house, a Republican.

Got money?

Like pollutants spreading through a food chain, the consequences of the country’s economic crisis are multiplying in state budgets around the nation. Bush administration policies have made the crisis worse.


Billboard demands freedom for Cuban 5

SAN FRANCISCO — During the month of August, travelers on a main route through downtown San Francisco are encountering a vivid reminder about the ongoing struggle to free five Cubans jailed for years in the United States because they sought to expose terrorist acts against their country emanating from U.S. soil.

Students turn out for McCain healthcare protest

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) met hostility and protest when he came to speak near Ohio State's Mershon Auditorium here at a American Cancer Society event to tout his plan for the privatization of healthcare July 31.

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