Editorial: Remarkable Labor Day

This Labor Day is one of the most remarkable we can recall. Like a wave building power and momentum, American unions, declared dead or irrelevant by the punditry, are on a roll that we haven’t seen for some time — empowered and enthused by the movement for change that is sweeping the country with the Obama campaign.

Labor continues to oppose Colombia free trade pact

While Colombian representatives lobby the Democratic and Republican conventions in support of the Bush administration’s Colombia Free Trade Act, the U.S. labor movement continues its opposition to the pact, signed in November 2006 but put on hold by Congress last April.


Latinos cheer Clintons call: Elect Obama president

DENVER — More than 1,000 Latino delegates and guests to the Democratic National Convention here stood and cheered as Hillary Rodham Clinton urged them to unite and help elect Barack Obama president on Nov. 4.


Obama picks Biden

Barack Obama picked Delaware Sen. Joe Biden as his vice presidential running mate Aug. 23. Biden is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Political benefits to the Obama campaign of selecting Biden include his reputation for experience in foreign affairs, his record of winning support from some Republicans for progressive legislation, including bills backed by the labor movement, and his abilities as a strong campaigner and debater.

Don White Presente!

I love Los Angeles. Not the la-la land of the media. I like downtown LA, east of Hill St., the Maginot Line the LAPD puts up to keep the homeless away from the high rises. I grew up in the fifties just east of downtown and could see City Hall from my grammar school window by day, then on TV’s Dragnet show at night.

Study: Latino voters favor Obama

Nov. 4 could ultimately change the face of American politics and it is Latino voters who could make the difference. In a recent poll by the nationwide Pew Hispanic Center, Latinos are overwhelmingly supporting Sen. Barack Obama for president at 66 percent over Sen. John McCain at 23 percent.

John McCains veterans problem

John McCain has developed a veterans problem. In late May, McCain aided a Republican filibuster of the 21st Century GI Bill by refusing to return to the Senate for a key vote.

Paraguay enters new era

Liberation theology proponent Fernando Lugo, a former Catholic bishop who has never before held political office, became Paraguay’s president Aug. 15 in ceremonies attended by heads of state and foreign guests.

Listen to America...

After working 30 years at Lorain Works (first US Steel, then Kobe, finally RTI —Republic Technologies, Inc.) on tough, hard jobs, working turns and working for many years as grievance committeeman, chair of that union committee for Local 1104, USWA, I took my pension, in August 2002 (hired in August 1972) It should’ve been a very good pension, close to $3,000 a month.

Morales scores victory

The epic nature of today’s events in Bolivia flows from the long struggle between the country’s indigenous majority and a Europeanized ruling class, and from disparities between impoverished western highlands and four lowland eastern departments (states) thriving on natural gas and agribusiness. A government intent upon wealth redistribution is confronting eastern separatists for whom racism is a staple.

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