Vets for Peace map next steps to end wars

Moving from Hope to Action was the theme of the Veterans for Peace national convention last week. The group’s executive director, Michael McPhearson, and other leaders hailed the movement that helped elect the first U.S. president of mixed heritage, and emphasized the need to build coalitions with other organizations to end war and build a lasting peace.

Michigan event launches drive to abolish nuclear weapons

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. — Imagine if the threat of nuclear weapons and the billions that go to building and maintaining them instead went to provide health care, education and the prevention of global warming. It could become a reality when the United Nations meets in the spring of 2010 for the final review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Moms organize for end to nuclear weapons

Mothers deepen conviction that world is moving towards abolition of nuclear weapons About 17,500 mothers assembled in Kyoto City last month to take part in the 55th Japan Mothers’ Congress, a major annual forum devoted to discussing ways to ensure peace for children.

Japan peace movement: Moving toward a world without nuclear weapons

This year’s World Conference against A and H Bombs will take place in the changing international situation as represented by the U.S. Obama administration’s declaration of a “world without nuclear weapons” as a national goal of the United States.


Hundreds hear Kucinich at Illinois Healthcare Speak Out

AURORA, Ill. - The peace movement jumped into the nationwide upsurge for health care reform in a big way last Sunday when two big antiwar organizations in Chicago's far western suburbs, Aurora Citizens for Peace and Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice, packed a community center to overflow capacity here in a Healthcare Speak Out.