Labor shifts its health care drive into the streets

Organized groups of union members, responding to right-wing attempts to de-rail the movement for health care reform, are turning out for virtually every health care rally and town hall meeting in the nation, knocking on doors, and are holding their own demonstrations. The efforts are part of a special 30-day mobilization that began August 6.


'Monongahela Dusk' a steamy thriller about the steel industry!

Sex, political corruption, intrigue, conspiracy, bombing and confrontations with the National Guard and local police — a steamy beach thriller set in Baghdad, right? Well, not really. John Hoerr, a former writer for Business Week best known for 'And the Wolf Finally Came,' the Bible on the suicide of the steel industry, has just added a sweaty, gritty “who done it” novel to his important and growing list of nonfiction telling a controversial story.


Actor Danny Glover joins St. Louis workers fighting union busting

'Shame on you Pinnacle Entertainment. The employer-employee relationship is based on an agreement, an acknowledgment, on a confidence that both sides will uphold their responsibilities,' said actor Danny Glover to members of Workers' United Local 74 here August 9. 'Pinnacle, you have not upheld your part of the bargain.'

Workers tell AT&T: Dont Wal-Mart us

ST. LOUIS — 'AT&T is leading the race to the bottom,' Communications Workers of America Local 6300 President Kevin Kujawa said as some 150 CWA members picketed the AT&T tower here Aug. 6.

247,000 jobs lost: Without recovery package, would be far worse

U.S. jobs lost in July totaled 247,000, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data out today, with the unofficial unemployment rate now at 9.4 percent compared with 9.5 percent in June, the first improvement in the pace of job loss since June 2008.

India's banks hit by strike

India's more than one million-strong unionized bank employees went on strike, Aug. 6, led by United Forum of Bank Unions or UFBU.


Union families show anti-Obama rally what real Americans want

WAKARUSA, Ind. – In just a few hours on Aug. 5 the Steelworkers Union organized a bus load and several cars from Gary, Ind., to take the two hour trip to this small sleepy town near Elkhart and in the middle of the Amish area also known for RV and trailer construction.

Labor-backed candidates surge in Detroit

DETROIT — Labor-endorsed candidates fared well in Tuesday's primary elections here. Seven of the top eight City Council candidates had the endorsement of the Detroit Metro AFL-CIO.


Display honors San Francisco General Strike anniversary

SAN FRANCISCO ― The 75th anniversary of one of the most dramatic episodes in U.S. labor history ― the 1934 San Francisco General Strike ― is being celebrated this summer with a stunning exhibit commissioned by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, the union born of labor struggles that shook the West Coast in the 1930s.


CD REVIEW Twenty-first century labor music

Labor music inevitably reflects broader social trends. The ongoing interplay with church hymns and military marching songs are clear. But labor’s musical traditions grow and change as they interact with other genres as well.

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