Biden brings green car funding to Motor City

DETROIT — With an official unemployment rate of 17%, what better place than the Motor City for Vice President Joe Biden to announce grants of over $2.4 billion to auto companies and suppliers to research and develop the next generation of automotive batteries for the electric car.

Workers thrown out of Alliance For Worker Freedom Capitol Hill meeting

Several SEIU workers got thrown out of a Capitol Hill meeting this week of a group called the Alliance For Worker Freedom. It was a panel discussion about the Employee Free Choice Act. But when the workers from SEIU tried to attend, security was called and they were escorted out.

Labor to lawmakers: Dont take our support for granted!

A meeting of the AFL-CIO’s executive council in Silver Springs, Md., ended July 28 with declarations calling for a new New Deal modeled after the Works Progress Administration of the 1930s, a massive second economic stimulus package, passage of health care reform with a strong public option and passage of the Employee Free Choice Act.

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