I was there – Peekskill 1949

On August 27, 1949, Paul Robeson was scheduled to sing at a concert sponsored by the music group People’s Artists at the Lakeland Acres Picnic Grounds, a few miles north of Peekskill, New York, about fifty miles north of New York City. This was a favorite summer resort area frequented by progressive intellectuals, especially because of its proximity to Croton-on-Hudson, where many progressive artists and writers lived. The author, Howard Fast, who was vacationing in Croton-on-Hudson, was asked to chair the concert.


Peekskill remembered

The concert scheduled for Aug. 27, 1949, in Peekskill, N.Y., was supposed to be routine. Though it had been organized by People's Artists, a brand new spin-off organization of the People's Songs formation that had launched the Weavers into the top-40 charts, it was the fourth such concert to benefit the Harlem Chapter of the Civil Rights Congress.

On the passing of two "lions"

Two “lions” died last week. One was known, adored by millions, and a life-long Democrat. Born to a privileged life, he could have done anything, including choosing a life of relative leisure. Instead, he turned into a tireless liberal warhorse for justice in all its many forms.

Letters – August 29, 2009

General strike of 1934


National rallying symbol

Town hall majority

Calls to my senators!

New Orleans calling!

Four years ago a hurricane named Katrina destroyed a great American city named New Orleans.


I remember Ted Kennedy

I was a senior at Amherst College in the spring of 1964 when I boarded a chartered bus with my wife Joyce and our son Morgan, then less than six months old, for a trip to Washington, D.C., to lobby for passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. When we arrived in the nation's capital we went to a hearing room in the Russell Senate Office Building.


LETTERS: public option, getting to the roots, Labor Day, film showing

Public option Getting to the roots Labor Day takeover Stop union-busting at Neil Med E-mail newsletter Film showing

Health care reform and criticism of weapons

I spoke last weekend at a public library in Blue Hill, a small coastal town in Maine. Most in the audience worked and voted for President Obama, but in the course of what was a very interesting conversation, it became clear that most of them haven't done much since then. How to explain this? Probably they thought that they had done their part in electing a new president and that the country would move in a progressive direction on the strength and momentum of that victory. Obviously, this hasn't happened.

Health care public option debate cut the baloney

A lot has been written about the health care public option over the past few days. While some commentaries discuss the honest concerns many Americans have, others claim the would-be government-run plan is dead in the water.

British citizen speaks out about health care

I am English (and a dual citizen of England and the United States) and I am increasingly frustrated with the misinformation reported regarding socialized medicine. Several opponents of health care reform--including major conservative radio and TV commentators and several Republican politicians--claim that in England major surgery is not given to those over 59. This simply is NOT TRUE!

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