Beware: Astroturfing harmful to democracy

Mob rule sweeps America, Big Insurance hires storm troopers Athletes complain about it. Astroturf causes injuries. And now the fake grass spread on many a field across the country has a new meaning. “Astroturfing” and “Astroturf groups” simulate grassroots organizing. And beware: These far-right ideologically driven groups, like the name “Astroturf” implies, are phony. And they cause injury to the body politic.

Health insurance companies send me birthday greetings so why I am nervous?

I'm turning 65 soon and the only people who have sent me birthday greetings so far are private, for-profit health insurance companies.

Lonesome Hobo Economics Who should pay for universal health care?

Who should pay for universal health care? We all should, right? Or, shouldn't it be free?

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