Cuba: Fullest possible social inclusion for the disabled

Arnoldo Ramón Virgilio’s legs are of little use to him, but he has a way with words that more than makes up for any physical limitations. He’s one of the outpatients at the 'América Labadí Arce' Medical and Education Centre, which provides health care and rehabilitation for the disabled in this city in eastern Cuba.

Uribe seeks to halt growing isolation

Isolated Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has embarked off on a south American tour to defend his unpopular plans to expand the US military's presence in his country.

The big lie about Canada's health care system

Recently Canadian Shona Holmes, 45, has become the poster woman for privately administered health care in the US. She has appeared in TV advertising, media interviews and Republican Party press conferences urging Americans to reject a government administered health care system.

Obama and Latin America: Will policy go beyond small changes?

The Obama administration has reached, but has not yet taken advantage of, a “teachable moment” (to use one of Obama’s own favorite phrases) in U.S. relations with Latin America.

Reasons for an economic bright spot in China

At the height of the international crisis, the Canton trade fair [1], the traditional barometer of Chinese foreign trade, has this year reflected China’s important new economic trends. For the first time in its long existence (105 years), Chinese buyers and entrepreneurs there (the latter initially turned towards exports) have been authorized to meet. It is effectively a measure taken to compensate for the fall of Chinese exports and to develop the domestic market, one of the key trends defined by the governmental recovery plan adopted last autumn to come to terms with the global financial crisis.

Ex-Union Carbide boss wanted by Indian court

An Indian court has issued a new arrest warrant for the man who ran Union Carbide at the time of the horrific 1984 factory gas leak in Bhopal.

WORLDNOTES: Mali, Germany, Iraq, Paraguay, South Korea, Greece, Cuba

Mali: Forum of the Peoples convenes Germany: Nuclear power not needed Iraq: Violence keeps U.S. troops in the streets Paraguay: Agree on hydroelectric project South Korea: – Autoworkers resist brutal repression Greece: Labor federations renew ties Cuba: Communist Party Congress is postponed

US/Colombia agreement targets Venezuela

A U.S.-Colombian agreement divulged last month is emblematic of what Le Monde Diplomatique correspondent Omar Roberto Rodriguez characterized as a “brutal counteroffensive” against “progressive and democratic governments.” Colombia will allow the United States for 10 years to deploy planes and troops at three air bases and naval vessels at two ports.

Gazans set sights high with world kite-flying bid

Thousands of children in Gaza have attempted to set a new world kite-flying record amid the ruins of Israel's criminal offensive earlier this year. The effort represents a brave display of joy in the territory.

Sex, lies, and lawsuits

A divorce case unfolding in a Shanghai court has all the ingredients for a successful movie - romance, deceit, melodrama and tragedy.

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